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The Secretariat Office, the NTUST Cabinet, is established with a primary task to
help the President and Vice President promote school affairs. In recent years,
the Secretariat Office has rapidly expanded its role from a traditional administrative
and secretarial supporter to a development-oriented, integrated planning unit.

In 2007, the Secretariat Office went through the reorganization. In addition to
resetting its responsibility to an Administrative Affairs Section, the Office added a
Public Relations Section to raise NTUST’s visibility and coordinate the school public
affairs. To strengthen liaisons with alumni and raise funds from businesses, the
Alumni Services Section has been merged into the Office from the Office of Research
and Development.

As the school business grew more prosperous, the originally set Administrative Affairs
Section affiliated with the Office had been loaded with more complicated tasks, including
official document reviews and coordination of the administrative affairs. The section, at
the same time, started to deal with various cases temporarily assigned to it without
explicit rules referring to the exclusive responsibility, such as the university Gender
Equality Education Committee affairs. The section also acted as a supervisor responsible
for the all of the school webpage updates, asking all of the units in NTUST to create both
Chinese and English version for their websites. Moreover, it had a special person
assigned to take care of the President’s mailbox.

Since August 1st, 2007, the Secretariat Office has been officially divided to three sections,
which are the Administrative Affairs Section, the Public Relations Section, and the Alumni
Services Section. The Secretary-General is now responsible for integrating all kinds of